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Postpartum Week One and a Hospital Stay

Now what? My pregnancy is over so…no more pregnant life blog right? Wrong. It’s a little known fact that pregnancy is more than the nine months of carrying around a life in the womb. A woman does not simply stop being pregnant whether she gave birth, miscarried, or lost the baby by other means (I can’t… Continue reading Postpartum Week One and a Hospital Stay

Pregnancy in Weeks

Pregnancy Week Thirty-One and Breastfeeding (PLUS Midwife Reprimand Follow-up)

As a part of my birth class requirements I visited a La Leche League meeting: an organization that meets to discuss and encourage women in their pursuit to breastfeed. I was impressed…

Pregnancy in Weeks

Pregnancy Week 29 and the Third Trimester

Pregnancy seems to get weirder and weirder. I feel enthusiastically welcomed into the third trimester after this week with an ever-growing belly, seemingly constant Baby movement, fatigue, mood swings, extra trips to the bathroom, and loss of balance. All these new additions have caused me to slow down quite a bit.