Pregnancy in Weeks

Pregnancy Week Nineteen and a Prego Body

I’m about halfway through this pregnancy and I’m already this big? How much bigger do I need to be?!? It is already to the point where I can just barely fit into my largest pairs of jeans, and even a pair of maternity jeans someone lent me are getting to be on the small side. I’m thinking thick leggings plus short dresses (or long shirts) will be my best friends this winter.


I’ve added inches to my body everywhere, and when I took my measurements recently I was shocked! My waist is four inches thicker than my pre-pregnancy size, my hips are three inches more, and here’s the kicker: my chest area is six inches larger. Without going into too much detail here I’ll say this is a dramatic change for me as it’s more than double my original bra size. I’ve always been so not-well-endowed on top that I could often get away with minimal coverage. Well, these days I’m learning all about cleavage and the necessity of having good bras.


Now that I’m noticeably larger everywhere including the bump, I am more recognizably pregnant, and I am starting to get comments from people who know me about my changing shape. The days of hiding the pregnancy are over. One day out this week I was feeling as though my bump was particularly large, as it sticks out farther than any stomach I’ve ever had. I was receiving several comments about my bump. Then I went to the restroom took one look in the mirror and laughed. I laughed thinking, “what bump? There’s hardly anything there! I feel huge, but it’s so small!” It’s funny how pregnancy and a changing body feels.


  • Bump: started to feel some discomfort in my stomach when I bend over.
  • Cracking Joints: so many cracks and pops especially in my lower back lately.
  • Vivid Dreams: every night, it always feels so real.
  • Maternity clothes: Elastic waist band, please!
  • Forgetful: what was I going to tell you about this again…?
  • Extra bathroom trips: every night I’ve got to get up not once, but twice. It’s become pretty routine.
  • Urgent bathroom trips: often I need to urgently get to the bathroom during or right after a meal, this time it’s number 2’s turn. At least I’ve had no problem being regular 🙂
  • Baby Movements: I felt something this week! Like popcorn in my tummy.
  • Mood Swings: tearful moments, a little extra emotional.
  • Body Changes: Since pre-pregnancy
    • Chest: added 6″
    • Waist: added 4″
    • Hips: added 3″
    • The bump: 36 1/2″
  • Weight: added 20 pounds so far


Though I am still often feeling tired, I’ve been less crabby this week with sleeping a little extra each night (I wrote about this last week). I did have several tearful moments, so the mood swings are still there. In the moments of my teary distress I realized that they were hormone induced floods of emotion and I mostly tried to stay calm and let them pass. I hope this doesn’t sound like I’m against feeling extra emotional, it’s just that the temptation was to mostly to delve into self pity and that’s not helpful.


At my prenatal appointment this week I  learned from the midwife about how to distinguish if I am feeling Baby move. She said it might feel like bubbles, or an uneasy stomach, which I’ve been feeling most of the week! I went home and excitedly told Husband. At bedtime we pressed on the place where the midwife showed me my uterus was and we both felt Baby kick from the outside!


The baby room is officially painted and it’s lovely. I may have recruited a friend skilled in interior decorating who can help me design the baby room. Also, the fall party was a blast!

Have you had any body changes throw you off in pregnancy? 


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