Introducing Baby Henry

Less than a day old, Baby in the NICU.

Baby entered the world measuring 9lbs 11oz, 22 1/2 inches long and with a full head of hair. He came with lots of meat on his bones. I’m still amazed by how big he is. These pictures don’t quite show it, but he has rolls on his legs and arms, which is usually something babies acquire with a few months of robust feedings. The hospital nurses kept saying he is about the size of a normal two month old. Just as my mom predicted we won’t be using “newborn” sized anything.

Snuggles with Daddy in the hospital

He snuck into February, even though his due date was early March. I’m glad he didn’t wait. He shared a due date with Husband’s birthday and though it would be special for them to share birthdays, I wanted them to each have their own day to be celebrated.

Goodbye hospital!

There were minor complications with Baby’s health, so after giving birth at the Birth Center we stayed in the hospital for five, long days with Baby in the NICU.

Stay tuned for posts about my labor experience, and our hospital visit. How long was labor? Did I tear? Any medical interventions? Why was baby in the NICU?


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