Pregnancy in Weeks

Seven Weeks Pregnant and being “That Crazy Pregnant Lady”

It’s official, I am “that crazy pregnant lady”, already! Hormones truly make you crazy when you’re pregnant. I went to the grocery store this week while hungry and tired; I know: not the greatest idea. It had to be done and I find that stores are slightly less busy if I go before lunch. Instead of it taking me close to three hours, if I go before lunch I can usually get home in under two hours.
After store one, I was feeling dizzy. I unloaded my grocery cart but before I returned my cart, took a short break. I ripped open a can of nuts I had purchased and started chowing down, hoping they would give me the strength to finish my last 45 minutes of shopping. As I did so a car pulled up next to me and a lady got out of her car. Now, I have to fill you in that this grocery store requires you to put in a coin to get a cart so that you also will return the cart to get your quarter back. Usually, people are kind enough to offer to take carts from finished customers back into the store, while exchanging a quarter. It saves both parties a hassle. I, in my fatigue,  wouldn’t need to make another 200 foot walk pushing the clunky cart back. While, she, wouldn’t need to mess with the coin receiver that doesn’t always cooperate or navigate the traffic that happens around the cart center.
Feeling exhausted, I didn’t have quite enough energy to call out to her, asking if she needed a cart. My response: I got enraged that this clearly obstinate lady didn’t offer to take my cart and half-heartedly started to bungle my cart in the direction of the store only seconds behind her. Hoping that maybe she was one of the few customers who didn’t need a cart that day, I followed her the whole way. Sure enough she fumbled with the coin receiver trying to get a cart out twice before I shouted, “MA’AM,” and threw my cart in her direction. Normally, I make an effort to exchange coins, but in this situation I was over it, annoyed with the whole ordeal. I wanted this cart off my hands. I waved my hand in the air, which came across to her that I was saying, “Please, don’t worry about it, keep the coin.” While I actually was in just plain crazy pregnant lady mode, and unreasonably annoyed with her.
While recalling the situation I said to my husband laughing, “I am glad that I was able to come across as nice while being a crazy pregnant lady!” I have already had enough crabby pregnant moments and my desire is to be a little less ornery to those around me.


  • Abdominal cramps sometimes
  • Sore on top
  • Fatigue!!!
  • Anxiety (related to job stress)
  • Insomnia (related to anxiety)
  • Forgetfulness
  • Nausea: in small amounts randomly
  • Cravings: none lately, but eating blueberries and yogurt w/honey almost daily, yum!


Fatigue has been a major issue. I wish it wasn’t. I can’t seem to get more than two major things done per day. I hope seeing a midwife could help, I want to be taking herbs again for fatigue and anxiety. I stopped my herbal pills I was taking for pre-pregnancy health issues last week because of concerns of what it might do to baby. I told another friend this week that we’re pregnant, so that’s two friends and no family that knows so far. Not sure when we should tell people?!? Maybe after my first prenatal appointment? (Update: we told our family at week 9. You can read the details at the end of my week 9 post!)

Do you have any crazy pregnant lady stories about yourself or others? Do tell!

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