Pregnancy in Weeks

Pregnancy Week Thirty-Three and Disaster House

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At thirty-three weeks pregnant I’ve been absolutely exhausted. Normally I fight to keep a tidy home. I’m the kind of person who feels like I can think clearer and accomplish more if my surroundings are uncluttered. However, this month has been a different story. Our home has been a disaster since Christmas, but here is the kicker: I don’t even care. In fact, instead of wanting to keep people away, for the first time I am content with visitors in the midst of a mess. I don’t know if it’s the hormones, being so tired I can’t work up a worry,  humility and wiliness to be somewhat vulnerable, or self-pity and wanting people to feel bad that our life is such a mess. Haha! Besides me being in my Third Trimester of pregnancy there have been some factors that have led to our house becoming a disaster: Christmas, our Mold situation, and the recent Baby Shower.
Christmas came and went almost in a blur and here we are a little over three weeks past with our Christmas tree still in it’s full apparel! Husband grew up celebrating the Twelve Days of Christmas (which start on Christmas Day and continue until January 5th), so we kept our decorations up until then. However, neither of us have had motivation, energy, or time to take them down since. I did attempt to take them down last Saturday, I brought out the storage boxes for putting decorations away. However, all that did was add more clutter, as they still sit in our dinning room waiting. Having Christmas still up is somewhat embarrassing for me since in my family we often decorate the week after Thanksgiving and pulled them down the week after Christmas. When Husband and I go on our daily walk I excitedly point out to Husband anytime I see a Christmas tree in someone’s window, “We’re not the only family with their tree still out!” Husband doesn’t mind as much as I do, he reminds me that we will take it down eventually. Hopefully before Baby comes?
Speaking of before Baby comes, will we finish post-mold renovations before Baby comes? We had the mold removed by professionals, and we are feeling thankful and at peace about the situation. Thankfully it was only surface mold in our master bedroom and no major problems like a leak or something. Thank you to those who were praying for us! We continue to bring contractors in to get bids for 1) Putting our bedroom back together as in places it needs carpet, dry wall, and baseboards (see Husband’s closet picture above) 2) Preventing a mold problem in the future. Due to the mold issue, we removed our belongings from the master bedroom. About half of our master bedroom fit into Baby’s future room, the other half is scatter around our house: some in our office, some in the living room, some here, some there.
Since we’re living in Baby’s future room, where do I put all the baby things I am receiving? That is the question, and that is the third reason why our house is a disaster.
Baby gifts under our lovely Christmas tree

Like I said I am quite content with our mess. Christmas cheer for months! I’m happy to wait to put our Master bedroom together until we find a good long term solution for preventing a return of mold. And I actually really enjoy sleeping in Baby’s room. We are much closer to the bathroom in Baby’s room, our bed is off its frame so it’s low to the ground and easier for my pregnant body to get out, plus I really like the color of the paint (I just painted it for Baby). Baby can come anytime he would like, he won’t know any different, and he’ll fit right in.


  • Baby Movement: Less this week.
  • Disappearing Belly Button: So far it’s still an “innie” though.
  • Fatigue: Very tired all the time lately.
  • Burping: More in general, but especially after I lie down to sleep bubbles form in my throat for some reason.
  • Cracking Joints: All day, everyday.
  • Lower Back Pain: This has lessened. Especially after seeing the chiropractor.
  • Round Ligament Pain: The chiropractor taught me where these are, in front, at the bottom of the belly. Since then, I noticed they are often sore, especially in the third trimester where my belly has gotten significantly larger.
  • Easily Startled: Jumpy.
  • Thick Hair: I have experienced less daily hair loss than normal, and a recent hair dresser said, “Oh, you have thick hair.” I said, “WHAT?!? No one has every said that to me. My hair has been thin my whole life!” That explains why it seems to take forever to dry.
  • Forgetfulness: I often forget what I’m saying, while I’m saying it.
  • Loss of Balance: I regularly reach out for something to catch my balance
  • Shortness of Breath: My lungs are getting squished by baby! (See the fun diagram below for how all the organs get squished by carrying a baby. Found at:

    There is lots of room for organs pre-pregnancy, but with a growing baby, organs get squished!


I found a cause to my recent experience of constipation–the raspberry tea! I was looking at The Natural Pregnancy Book by Romm for suggestions to relieve constipation. I also happened upon a suggestion she gave for relieving diarrhea: lots of raspberry tea! It turns out raspberry tea can slow things down. After not drinking it for three days my digestive system was back to normal. With that knowledge I’ll limit my tea drinking to a cup or two a week instead of a daily dose.
This week we had our last birth class. I can’t believe it, it’s over, we did it, we’re ready for labor and birth! At our final class we celebrated with snacks: homemade ice cream, brownies, homemade Lara bars, homemade Power bar bites, and spanakopita! The last class might have been my favorite, because we talked about topics I was and still am eager to learn about: breastfeeding, baby care, and postpartum needs. We watched a video about breastfeeding and it was a bit overwhelming. It sounds like breastfeeding is going to be quite the challenge! They say it takes new mamas several weeks to get used to it and several months before it’s second nature. We talked about why babies cry and how to soothe them. We also learned some basic needs mama will have after birth: rest, rest, rest, and huge menstrual pads. They recommended mom stay in bed the first week, and if possible stay at home resting the second week. They said the first few weeks it’s really important to stay home not only for mom’s recovery, but also for the new parents to create a solid bond with baby.
I went to the chiropractor for the first time ever. I learned all about subluxation of the spine and the importance of getting adjusted in pregnancy. They say getting adjusted during pregnancy can help baby to be in the right position and move down. This allows for less discomfort in pregnancy, decreased pain in labor, and a shorter labor time.  All good things if you ask me! I am going there to relieve my lower back pain, but I’ll take the extra benefits! The chiropractor uses something called the Webster technique for pregnant mamas which focuses on the pelvis and round ligaments, so if you’re thinking of going to a chiropractor in pregnancy, make sure they use that technique.
Have you felt unprepared for your baby to come? 

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