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Not Our Birth Plan

When you’re pregnant there’s talk about birth plans and dreaming up your ideal birth. These are good! However, our birth did not go anything like we dreamed. Much of what we said we didn’t want to do we had to do in our labor and birth. About the only preferences we were left with were: healthy baby,… Continue reading Not Our Birth Plan

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Pregnancy Week 29 and the Third Trimester

Pregnancy seems to get weirder and weirder. I feel enthusiastically welcomed into the third trimester after this week with an ever-growing belly, seemingly constant Baby movement, fatigue, mood swings, extra trips to the bathroom, and loss of balance. All these new additions have caused me to slow down quite a bit.

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Pregnancy Week Twenty-Seven and Midwife Reprimand

I visited the birth center for a prenatal appointment this week (they have me coming every four weeks)… Usually, the prenatal appointments consist of the basics such as: taking my blood pressure, my weight, my heart rate, baby’s heart rate, and measuing my belly.