Pregnancy in Weeks

Pregnancy Week 29 and the Third Trimester

 Pregnancy seems to get weirder and weirder. I feel enthusiastically welcomed into the third trimester after this week with an ever-growing belly, seemingly constant Baby movement, fatigue, mood swings, extra trips to the bathroom, and loss of balance. All these new additions have caused me to slow down quite a bit. I move slower and do a little bit less than I used to, so I don’t tip over, trip, get dizzy, or strain my back with the weight of my big belly. The strange symptoms are not too difficult to cope with, but it’s the mood swings that are tricky. I do hope they go away soon and the emotions life brings become a little less overwhelming. In the meantime, I’ve found a few things help me keep the mood swings undercontrol: rest and prayer.
30 weeks.jpg
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I’m 30 Weeks in this picture.
With the change of trimester I definitely am needing even more rest. I find that even if I get a good night’s sleep it’s not quite enough, I need a rest in the afternoon too. If I try to go from waking up in the morning until bedtime without taking a break to lie down for about an hour, emotions start to overwhelm me; I’ll feel a sudden rush of sadness, start acting crabby, or feel my joy clouded out by the negative aspect of every situation.
In addition to taking extra sleep and extra rest, I have found much solace in prayer. 1 Peter 5:7 (NKJV) says, “[Cast] all your care[s] upon [the Lord], for He cares for you.” When I’ve taken time to bring all my burdens to Jesus, I notice my day and week goes a lot smoother emotionally. Not only actively giving my individual worries to Him, but also filling my mind with His truth, His words of life help redirect my mind and emotions away from worry. When I do that often enough, I notice any strain from my changing emotions on our marriage disappears. My ultimate Christmas gift would be for a grace to find the time I need to sit and refocus my mind on the Lord daily. Just as I have seen this benefit my marriage, I know this will be a key to success in being a calm mom in the chaos of child rearing.
bible prayer.jpg


  • Baby movement: A lot of movement everyday. The movements feel less sharp and more dull, probably because he is running out of space in there.
  • Fatigue: I need 8hrs of sleep or I don’t function well, even so I’ve been more tired.
  • Bleeding Gums: usually after I floss.
  • Acne: fighting the good fight: showering daily.
  • Burping: more in general, but especially after I lie down to sleep bubbles form in my throat for some reason.
  • Loss of balance: I might almost tip over while going about life a few times per week.
  • Forgetfulness: I often forget what I am saying, as I am saying it, ugh!
  • Dreaming: I dream every night.
  • Cracking Joints: all day, everyday.
  • Extra Bathroom Trips: My bladder feels smaller these days.
  • Mood swings: I could cry almost everyday. I don’t feel depressed or like life is gloomy. It just feels like there are so many emotions, it’s hard to wade through them.


This month we’ve been having some issues with our house and moisture. The weather might be partially to cause with it being a warm, wet fall, and a sudden deep freezing winter. Then we’ve had above freezing days, followed by below zero days, and back up for a thaw again. Normally, winter here comes and stays for three soild months, rarely getting above freezing. As a result of the high humidity in our house we found significant mold growth. This has been terrifying for me and hard to cope with.
We’ve been encouraged to write a birth plan for our Birth class. Husband and I appreciate the questions it causes us to discuss, but we agreed the birth plan won’t be too helpful for us if we’re able to birth at our birth center. Our birth center holds all the same values we do for how we’d like to birth. Not only that, but our birth center does not perform many of the medical procedures we’d like to avoid (episiotomy, IVs, epidurals, pictocin, narcotics, forceps), as well as encourages a natural birth and the natural processes we’d like (low lights, calm music, encouragment of movement in labor, freedom to drink and eat, skin-to-skin after birth, and delayed cord clamping). However, there is the chance that complications will arise, and we’ll need to deliver Baby in the nearby hospital, therefore we’re happy to have a birth plan we can share in such a case to help the hospital know our wants, desires, and needs.
What are your “favorite” third trimester symptoms? 

2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Week 29 and the Third Trimester

  1. Aww, great Christmas photo! You’re going to love that in years to come. ^_^
    Sorry about the mood swings and fatigue, that’s no fun. But you are certainly relying on the right “guy” for help by praying and seeking His comfort! XO
    Ick, we’ve had mold problems showing up here, too!


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