Ten Weeks Postpartum and Life Gets Easier

I’m ten weeks in and I can now say having a baby is easy, breastfeeding is easy,  cloth diapering is easy, contrary to what I experienced one week into motherhood. It was a big learning curve, but it gets easier! Leaving the house isn’t a chore anymore, I’m used to the routine of packing up… Continue reading Ten Weeks Postpartum and Life Gets Easier


Postpartum Week Two & Three and Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is no joke! The first two weeks, especially, were difficult. They say breastfeeding isn’t painful if you’re doing it right, but I was doing it “right” and it often hurt like the dickens until week three when I had finally formed callouses. (Now past week four I can say there is little to no… Continue reading Postpartum Week Two & Three and Breastfeeding

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Postpartum Week One and a Hospital Stay

Now what? My pregnancy is over so…no more pregnant life blog right? Wrong. It’s a little known fact that pregnancy is more than the nine months of carrying around a life in the womb. A woman does not simply stop being pregnant whether she gave birth, miscarried, or lost the baby by other means (I can’t… Continue reading Postpartum Week One and a Hospital Stay

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Pregnancy Week Twenty-Eight and What Diapers?

In the past few weeks, two people have offered to throw me baby showers, which means I have been busy making a baby registry. Quite the task! A looming question remains, “What Diapers!?!” Maybe for some this is the easy part to check off their list, but you see… we’re thinking of doing cloth. Husband and his three siblings were all raised on cloth diapers, so Husband was confident we needed to do cloth. I’ve always been intrigued by cloth diapers, and the more I look into them the more I like what they have to offer…