Ten Weeks Postpartum and Life Gets Easier

I’m ten weeks in and I can now say having a baby is easy, breastfeeding is easy,  cloth diapering is easy, contrary to what I experienced one week into motherhood. It was a big learning curve, but it gets easier! Leaving the house isn’t a chore anymore, I’m used to the routine of packing up a little one. I’ve breastfed in so many different settings: church, restaurants, relative’s houses, friend’s houses, coffee shops, and the car that I rarely think twice about “where can I nurse him,” “when can I nurse him,” before going out. Toting a little one around has become the norm and for the most part I’ve learned to roll with the punches.

Henry is sleeping significant chunks in the night, usually a four to six hour stretch for the first sleep and then another two to three hours. As such, I have had more time and more energy, thankfully. Each week I am able to get a little more done. Heck, last week I cleaned my whole house (it’s small), all by myself, for the first time ever! Is that bad? We’ve only lived here for a 1.5 years, and husband always helps with the cleaning chores. I usually clean the bathroom, I don’t think he’s done it once, which is fine. But I have never done all the cleaning chores myself, until last week. That’s what being a mom does to you! You start to do things you couldn’t do before. I cleaned the whole house because Husband is off house cleaning duty this month. He is busy working on getting our master bedroom back to living condition, since the mold issue. It’s been slow going. More on that later, but we hope to be back in our bedroom by June.


He almost constantly smiling, giggling, and making happy sounds. It’s absolutely adorable and Husband and I can’t get enough of him. He finally started allowing us to lay him down for naps. Up to this point he required someone hold him during naps or he’d be crying within a few minutes of being set down. It was some what annoying, but I figured he was adjusting to life outside the cozy, warm, all-encompassing womb. I read that with enough love, cuddles, and reassurance babies learn to trust they’ll be okay without being touched constantly. Thankfully it only took two months for Henry, as I hear each little person can respond differently.  Another big change that happened recently, is how often he poops. (I can’t believe I am writing this, but as a mom my days are filled with talking about what’s in my baby’s diaper, cheering on his burps, and wiping away spit-up.) He used to poop every diaper, which I hear is normal for breastfed babies, however he recently switched to only pooping once or twice a day. The positive side is no more diaper rash, the negative side is he has a tendency to overfill his diaper. Opening a diaper that is prempted by lots of noise takes bravery.

Lastly, I’ll share that we recently looked into a book/phone app called The Wonder Weeks. Henry had a day last week where he cried almost constantly, which is opposite of his normal demeanor. I looked into the Wonder Weeks phone app and found that he was going through a mental growth spurt. Apparently all children go through ten mental growth spurts from ages zero-20 months. Each mental growth spurt happens around the same time, so they are somewhat predictable. The book/app tells you what they learned during the mental growth spurt (they call them “leaps”) and they were right on. After this growth spurt Henry has loved to look at his hand, suck on his hands, and look at his feet. Up to this point he didn’t really know his hands and feet existed. I find it really interesting to learn about how he is developing!


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