Postpartum Weeks Four & Five and “A Day in the Life”

When does a day start again? Since being a mom to a new little life that answer is a bit less clear. Usually I am trying to sleep from about 11pm until about 11am, and then I find a nap somewhere in the afternoon. I’m five weeks in and Baby Henry sleeps pretty well at night, and is eating quicker/more efficiently each week. However, most of my days are still spent trying to sleep, or feeding Baby. This week I attempted to start taking care of the house for my first time since his birth. Maybe things will go better next week?

Today was the first time Baby showed signs of a growth spurt–eating much more than ordinary. Instead of going 4-6 hours between feedings at night, he only went 3.5 hours max, which means I only got 6.5 hours of sleep total today.


11pm-11am Sleep Time Feeds. Baby wanted to be fed at 1am, 4:30am, and 8am, and 11am, and I attempted to sleep between those. Keep in mind though, a feeding takes at least 45 minutes, because I always change his diaper before a feed (and it’s always wet/dirty), then he eats 10-20 minutes, I burp him, and then it takes at a good 15 minutes minimum to get him to settle back to sleep. When I feed baby I play with random apps on my phone, check Facebook, or read a book. Once a day I read to Henry the “verse of the day” from my Bible app and pray with him.

12:30pm Lunch. Eating with Husband, while feeding Baby, because as I said Henry was hungry again (which isn’t normal).

1pm Walk. Pre-Henry we were in the habit of talking a walk after lunch, so we resumed that as soon as I healed enough.  Husband carries Henry in a cloth carrier and Henry sleeps.

Odds and Ends: I filled my pill case (I mentioned this last time I did “a day in the life” post. I really only fill it once every two weeks.) Opened a package that came: new laundry detergent for washing cloth diapers and bleach to disinfect “pre-loved” cloth diapers I recently bought.

Did you know bleach expires?!? Well apparently it should be used within 6 months of its manufactured date. This is the manufactured date… it’s a code.

2:30pm Feed Baby.

Wrote a few thank you cards. I just can’t keep up with these. We were surrounded by an abundance of support and I’m continually adding someone to our list to thank for their kind gesture or gift.

Nap. I only managed a half hour of shuteye today. Some days I find two hours of sleep in the afternoon.


5:30pm- Feed Baby.

6pm Dinner.  We had two of Husband’s brothers over. Husband cooked, this has become the norm most nights (I still do all the menu planning and grocery shopping). I am thankful for all his support.

7pm Work on Blog. Wrote my notes for this blog, so I didn’t forget what I did in the day.

8pm Feed Baby.

9pm Get Ready for Bed. It is quite a process. I like to be ready for bed, so as soon as Baby is done with his last feed we can all go right to bed and get the maximum amount of sleep. “Sleep when baby sleeps,” right?

Henry at church for his second visit

10pm Feed Baby. 

11pm Sleep. Sleep as long as the little man will let me and start over tomorrow with the hopes and dreams of tackling three loads of laundry.


Notes from Weeks Four and Five Postpartum:

I have had more and more energy for other activities, slowly but surely. Henry tends to let me sleep three two-hour blocks, which is still not quite enough sleep. These weeks were the start of my venturing out solo with Henry. We started by going out for Henry’s doctor appointment.  It was nice to get out of the house. The short outing took a lot of energy, so I came home and crashed, ha! Then a few days later we made an outing to the grocery store and Henry slept through it, of which I was thankful. On Sunday we finally joined Husband at Church for Henry’s first real public debut! Lots of people were waiting to see him. We were sure to dress him for the occasion: this adorable little tuxedo!

In other news, I still have stitches even though my tears healed. They were suppose to dissolve by now. The midwife I talked to said to give it another week, and if I still have them at my six week postpartum visit they’ll take them out. I hope they dissolve, because it seems like it might hurt for them to pull them out. It’s fun to watch Henry develop, every day he seems to be doing something new. He has been flashing smiles quite a bit and Husband has taught him to stick out his tongue! One morning I was talking to Henry and after giving me a wonderfully cute smile he stuck out his tongue at me. I asked Husband about it and he was like, “Yeah, I taught him that,” HAHA! Also, Henry found his hair and grabbed it for the first time. The doctor thought it was so cute when he was doing this during his check up.

At five weeks, Husband taught Henry to stick out his tongue!

How much sleep did you get while caring for a newborn? Any tricks of the trade to maximize those hours of shuteye? 



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