Pregnancy in Weeks

Pregnancy Week Thirty-Seven and the Nesting Bug

I’ve been asked a lot recently if I have been “nesting,” and Husband and I just laugh. We laugh because I haven’t been doing much of anything except being tired, resting often, and failing at my attempts to get my everyday work done. However, I think I did some of my first “nesting” this week…

One of my splurges included this cute changing pad cover to give the Baby Room some extra color.

I decided there was room in the budget, so I was gonna splurge a little and buy some not necessary, but nice things for me and baby. It ended up being my largest Amazon purchase ever and it was a shocking $180. I guess I had the “nesting” bug pretty bad because I even signed up for Amazon’s one month Prime trial so I could get my purchases fast with their two day shipping guarantee. Specifically, I NEEDED closet organizers and I needed them “yesterday.” I decided enough was enough. After three years of marriage and having a disaster of a closet where we store our wrapping paper and craft supplies, I needed it organized before Baby came.

Once the organizers arrived it was less than an hour and everything was put neatly away. That nesting bug is pretty effective! I wish I could always figure out how to organize my messes so well.


  • Disappearing Belly Button: So far it’s still an “innie” though.
  • Burping: More in general, but especially after I lie down to sleep bubbles form in my throat for some reason.
  • Insomnia: Sleeping is more difficult lately, either I can’t fall asleep, can’t sleep in, or wake up in the middle of the night. It’s a great joy when I can sleep a solid 9 hours like the good old days.
  • Cracking Joints: All day, everyday.
  • Panty Liners: How do I say this discretely? I use this almost everyday now so I don’t have to change my underwear more than once a day.
  • Round Ligament Pain: Since seeing the Chiropractor these have gotten significantly less sore, yay!
  • Easily Startled: Jumpy.
  • Thick Hair: I have experienced less daily hair loss than normal.
  • Forgetfulness: I often forget what I’m saying, while I’m saying it.
  • Shortness of Breath: My lungs are getting squished by Baby.
  • Hip Flexor pain: This started many weeks ago now. My left hip flexor starts to hurt really bad after lying down on my side if I don’t have a pillow between my knees. It hindered my workouts for a few weeks, but I’m managing it with pillows and a hip stretch.
  • Swelling: my calves and feet swell, in the evening mostly. I’m managing it by elevating my feet for 10-20min before bed, making sure to drink plenty of water during the day, and exercising daily to encourage circulation.
  • Itchy Skin: Lotion wasn’t cutting it. I found relief from drinking dandelion tea.
37 Weeks


Itchy skin was a big issue this week, to the point where it affected my sleep. I had experienced this problem before with allergies, however I knew it wasn’t an allergy problem this time. I looked at my Natural Pregnancy Book by Romm to see what she had to say about itchy skin in pregnancy. Though itchy skin is quite common in pregnancy due to the skin stretching, it also can be caused by the body producing a large amount of hormones that need to be filtered out. The liver can be overburdened and instead toxins leave through the skin which results in irritation. In extreme and rare cases the itchy skin can be caused by liver malfunction and is a serious problem. I decided to wait to freak out until after I tried everything in my power to relieve my symptoms. Romm had several great suggestions I put into immediate practice. I found it helpful to exercise to the point of sweating, then showering immediately after, using a loofah sponge to remove dead skin, followed by a good dose of lotion. Secondly, I took her recommendation to drink dandelion tea. I found the dandelion tea made my bowels a little too loose, so I resumed drinking raspberry leaf tea which I previously mentioned caused constipation. So, the two teas balance each other out!
My mom has been on a sewing kick recently and she made several beautiful receiving blankets for baby. She also covered my glider with a fun fabric I had purchased, yay! (See before and after pictures below.)
One of the gifts I had received from a baby shower was a kit of body wash, shampoo, and lotion for baby and me by Aveeno. I tried out the mommy body wash and it worked fabulously as a shaving cream and smelled so yummy! I want to take a bath and shave my legs every day now!  Speaking of which, I have been taking more baths, specifically with Epsom salt to help relief aches and swelling. I bought two big containers of salt, because I am using it so often.  At the midwife visit this week she explained why it can feel like there is less baby movement lately, since the baby is bigger and he has less space the movements are often very subtle. She said if there is concern: to drink juice, lie on my left side for 30 minutes, and count any movement including hiccups. I was relieved to hear that hiccups count, because I have gone days without feeling much movement, but I would still feel hiccups often. He was hiccuping for a few minutes about once a day!
Have you experienced the Nesting Bug?  

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