Pregnancy in Weeks

Pregnancy Week Thirty-Two and a Baby Shower

Amazon Affiliate Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase after clicking on one of the product links I’ll receive a small compensation. I only link to items I enjoy and genuinely want to share.

This week family threw me a baby shower and it was a blast! I enjoyed seeing my family and long-time family friends. We ate food, mingled, and played lots of games: guess the flavor of baby food, pin a pacifier on baby face poster, don’t say “baby”, write a note to baby, color a baby block, guess how many candies are in a jar, and guess how big my waist is (with string). There were great conversations happening throughout the event. I loved answering the same questions over and over “when’s the due date?” “How are you feeling?” “Where are you giving birth? Oh, a birth center, how does that work?”  I know some pregnant women get tired of the same old questions, but I don’t mind them one bit. I also delighted in hearing some of my family’s birth stories! I learned my labor could go pretty quick and that most babies in my family were born with full heads of hair (including me)! Even though I am a dark blonde now, I was born with black hair. It was fun to consider, “Will Baby be born with hair and if so what color?” And of course presents were exchanged. I spent the next 36 hours talking Husband’s ear off about how much fun I had!

Some of the gifts we were given include: books for Baby!

Husband was really excited about the Goodnight Moon, it’s a classic after all. I really particularly appreciated the God Loves Me book, as it has several very sweet scriptures about God’s love written out with colorful pictures. I’d consider getting more by the same author: Children’s Book Of Prayers.

We received a bunch of baby clothes, I can’t wait to dress up my real live Baby doll! I hear “Onsies” are the basic tees and skinny jeans of baby wardrobes, you can’t have enough. My mom told me not to plan on him fitting into 0-3 months old clothes because our family grows big babies. It’s funny how every family’s genetics are different and some women’s babies are small while other’s are large. We’ll see what size this Little One comes out as. Isn’t the Little Hunk Hoodie and Jeans so cute! You can purchase a similar outfit Here.

We also received plenty non-necessity items that are fun! I really wanted a mirror for the car, since Baby’s car seat is required to be rear-facing, a little mirror will allow me to see what he’s up to back there. What a great invention! (You can check out a similar one here.) I’m sure Baby will appreciate a few toys, and me too, since I hear Baby’s can use a few good distractions to keep them occupied. This little tiger baby toy is also rattle and it’s adorable. I was really impressed by this homemade tab toy someone made (here’s a similar concept on Amazon: Sensory Baby Tag Blanket. There were several other homemade items, which I found to be really special such as burp cloths, bibs, and sheets. There are so many great things you can sew. Maybe one day I’ll take up sewing! Lastly, I’ll share we received a really soft, cute, and cuddly baby blanket that I can’t wait to use. (Amazon has a similar one here: Carter’s Quilted Plush Blanket)


  • Baby movement: I can often watch my belly move!
  • Disappearing Belly Button: So far it’s still an “innie” though.
  • Fatigue: Very tired all the time lately.
  • Burping: more in general, but especially after I lie down to sleep bubbles form in my throat for some reason.
  • Cracking Joints: all day, everyday.
  • Lower Back Pain: This has lessened. Hot pack, walking, and laying on my side with a pillow between my knees has helped
  • Easily startled: Jumpy.
  • Forgetfulness: I often forget what I’m saying, while I’m saying it.
  • Loss of Balance: I regularly reach out for something to catch my balance.
  • Constipation: Not fun!


 We had a mold remediation crew come in and clean things up. We feel like our house is cleaner, but we’re not sure if it’s just in our brains. At least we have piece of mind about the health concern. Now what? We’re not sure, yet. We still need to put our closet walls back together, get some carpet, and baseboards. However, we want to be sure we fix the possible cause before putting things back into place. For now we’re getting more opinions and estimates from contractors. Though we might have a few friends and family help us.
The Raspberry Leaf Tea I mentioned in my 30 weeks post has been tasting better the more I drink it. Only one week left of our Bradley Method Birth Class. We made it! We’re really glad we did it, but twelve weeks and three hours per class, plus homework every week was a huge commitment. We feel thoroughly informed and prepared for the adventure of labor and birth. Thorough what we learned I am more convinced than ever that the female body is capable of giving birth to a healthy baby with little to none medical intervention.  I went into the class nervous and scared to give birth, but I am leaving the class excited and confident.
What are baby items you found really helpful to have, or can’t wait to buy? 

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