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Pregnancy Week 30 and Mold Infestation


Last week I mentioned we had some strange moisture problems that encouraged mold growth. We have some speculations, but it’s scary not really knowing why the mold came and therefore how to prevent it from coming back. We found a large amount of mold in Husband’s closet toward the end of December and have been seeking out advice ever since. After having our house inspected by two separate mold remediation specialists we learned:

  1. We need to take every precaution to fight to lower the humidity in our home.
  2. Our bedroom, where the biggest mold issue was, needs another air vent or two (because it only has one).
  3. Our bedroom probably wasn’t properly insulated (so we plan to have that beefed up).
  4. Our bedroom had this issue before and the person who sold us our house (one year ago) did not disclose this to us.
  5. Our bedroom closets should probably be moved from the outside wall to the inside wall.
  6. Our basement had a lot more mold than we realized.

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Here’s a great opportunity for mommy anxiety. As a pregnant mama, this has been a scary situation on several fronts and hard to cope with.  Last year, we think some nasty rashes I couldn’t get rid of were caused by mold in our apartment, so we broke our lease and stayed in friends’ and families’ basements, moving once a month until we could buy a house. The rashes disappeared after moving out of the apartment. I then got tested for environmental allergies (by an ENT clinic where they poke you about 52 times with various allergens) and found out I was particularly sensitive to mold. Fortunately, I haven’t had any rashes this time around, and only minor symptoms. Yet, there is always a lingering concern: is this mold dangerous and is it negatively affecting me, Husband, and Baby?

Additionally, this situation appeared out nowhere for us. Insurance doesn’t cover mold incidents, and it’s going to be a costly fix. At this time we don’t have the means to pay the costs of the necessary repair, but the concern of our health and the mold spreading mandates we fix it ASAP. We’re praying for God to lead us, provide for us, and hold our hearts as we figure out this difficult piece. It leaves me wishing I could pick up a quick job for a few months to help pay for it. I feel as though I’d be willing to do anything! But as an exhausted pregnant lady with two months left until baby comes, me picking up another job isn’t a realistic option.


  • Baby movement: A lot of movement everyday.
  • Fatigue: My body won’t let me sleep in anymore, even if I was up late, but naps help.
  • Acne: fighting the good fight: showering daily.
  • Burping: more in general, but especially after I lie down to sleep bubbles form in my throat for some reason.
  • Cracking Joints: all day, everyday.
  • Lower Back Pain: not fun! It woke me up one night.
  • Sore Belly: I think it’s from all Baby’s movement, but it’s also stretching out more and more each day.
  • Easily startled: Jumpy.
  • Forgetfulness: It’s gone to a new level! I’m not just forgetting what I was thinking unless I say it in less than 30 seconds, now I often forget what I’m saying while I’m saying it!


The Third Trimester carries on with fatigue that slows me down and now back pain. I have never had back pain in my life! The pain comes in my lower back particularly after sitting and it makes it hard to stand up/walk. I have an appointment scheduled with a chiropractor for my first time ever in two weeks. This chiropractor particularly enjoys helping pregnant women, believing that a well adjusted back allows for reduced symptoms in pregnancy, lower rate of complications in birth, and a shorter labor. Hopefully, they can help me out with my recent back pain, but until then I have to survive! Also, this week I started drinking Raspberry Leaf Tea, because I heard it’s good for pregnant mamas to drink during their last trimester. It’s not as tasty as it sounds, but I’m learning to tolerate it. At birth class we learned about possible complications that could happen in labor, as well as natural remedies and medical interventions for each one. I feel very prepared.

Have you experienced major life crises in the midst of pregnancy? How did you cope? 


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