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Pregnancy Week Twenty-Eight and What Diapers?

In the past few weeks, two people have offered to throw me baby showers, which means I have been busy making a baby registry. Quite the task! A looming question remains, “What Diapers!?!” Maybe for some this is the easy part to check off their list, but you see… we’re thinking of doing cloth. Husband and his three siblings were all raised on cloth diapers, so Husband was confident we needed to do cloth. I’ve always been intrigued by cloth diapers, and the more I look into them the more I like what they have to offer: they tend to cost less than disposable, they are much less likely to cause diaper rashes, they aren’t loaded with various chemicals touching Baby’s skin, they don’t leak poop out the sides like disposables are known for, they’ve been said to speed the potty training process, and lastly cloth diapers are better for the environment. Sounds like a winner to me! So I think, “Cloth diapers? Why not?!” Problem solved then, we’re doing cloth diapers, right? WRONG. Once the decision of disposable or cloth was made, that was just the beginning.
Next we ask: Diaper service or buy your own? If a diaper service: how long, which company (there are two in our area), and what type of diaper will we use from their service? If we buy our own: new or used, which type of diaper (Prefold or the fancier versions), and which brand? I have read blogs–there is a lot of helpful cloth diaper info out there on the internet! I have asked around to see what my friends have done. And I have spun in circles. Part of my dilemma is that I have changed few diapers in my life, and I am really not sure what it will be like to change a diaper 8-12x a day. After a few weeks of diaper changing, I might have some informed opinions, but until then, Baby will need a covered bottom!

Pro and Cons to the cloth diaper options I am considering:

Diaper Service (We would do Prefolds to save on the additional fee a service would cost):

  • No need to run extra laundry loads (time and sanity saver)
  • Could actually be more environmentally friendly due to the fact that they have better facilities
  • Costs about $100 a month until potty trained ($$$)

Purchase (New) Higher Tech Cloth Diapers:

  • Costs a lot less than a service–about a $600 onetime purchase and $200 a year for extra water/detergent costs ($$$)
  • Compared to Prefolds might be easier to use
  • Can be resued for subsequent children or sold after use
  • Can take longer to dry than Prefolds
  • Costs much more than Prefolds
  • Would need to do diaper laundry 3x a week (time and sanity)
  • Unlike a Service may need to face issues with the purchased diaper (breaking, ripping, not absorbing properly)

Purchase (New) Prefolds: 

  • Compared to a Service costs a lot less–about a $300 onetime purchase and $200 a year for extra water/detergent costs($$$)
  • Costs less than High Tech
  • Can take less time to dry compared to High Tech
  • Can be reused for subsequent children or sold after use
  • Less fancy than High Tech and might result in difficulty of use
  • Would need to do diaper laundry 3x a week (time and sanity)
  • Unlike a Service may need to face issues with the purchased diaper (breaking, ripping, not absorbing properly)
Decisions, decisions, decisions! As of right now, we are leaning toward using a diaper service the first two months and then evaluting from there. I hear having a baby is a big transition and removing extra laundry from the equation might help that transition go as smoothly as possible. After a month or two of parenting experience we could decide which is more painful: continued expense of a service, or running extra laundry loads? Doing a diaper service for the first few months will also give us an idea if we can live with Prefold or if we might like to switch to a high tech diaper. Personally, I am really excited about the idea of owning our diapers, so we’ll see.


  • Baby movement: A lot more movement lately, also he’s getting stronger!
  • Fatigue: I need 9hrs of sleep or I don’t function well, also I’ve been more tired.
  • Mood swings: mostly bursts of hormonal crying.
  • No Hunger: 1st and 2nd tri I was almost always very hungry. That has subsided! I feel like I have a normal appetite again.
  • Acne: fighting the good fight: showering daily
  • Burping: more in general, but especially after I lie down to sleep, bubbles form in my throat for some reason.
  • Dreaming: I dream every night.
  • Cracking Joints: all day, everyday.
  • Bleeding Gums: usually after I floss.
Only twelve weeks left until the due date and I am not in a rush for it to come quickly. It feels like there is so much to do and learn before he comes, but at the same time I feel ready enough for him to come at any point. After doing some registry compiling I am looking forward to having a baby “doll” to dress up and tote around, haha! I haven’t bought a single thing for Baby (other than clothes for my changing body), but I am finally excited to start doing that! I am still going to wait to purchase items for Baby until after the showers, so people don’t need to worry about buying me something I already have–it’s kind of like waiting to buy yourself something until after Christmas.
In birth class we talked about making a birth plan. They helped us consider what’s most important to Husband and I in our labor and birth, as well as processing what we’ll do when plans don’t happen as we want them to. I’m on track with exercising daily (as I mentioned last week) and avoiding desserts/treats. Instead, I’ve been “indulging” in granola+yogurt+berries everyday, along with fresh fruit, and nuts. YUM!
 What diapers did you use or are you planning to use?

8 thoughts on “Pregnancy Week Twenty-Eight and What Diapers?

  1. Definitely a lot to decide on. This time (my fourth baby, who is now six months) I decided to use disposables for the first six weeks and then I started using the cloth pocket diapers I made during the pregnancy. 🙂


  2. Fellow cloth momma here! I’ve been using cloth for five years (with two kids), and I absolutely love them. I’ve never used a service though. My reasons for that being the extra cost, lack of style variety, the fact that all the diapers are shared among clients, and the transportation costs/effects from delivery and pickup. Diaper laundry at home is super easy and oddly satisfying. Gross stuff goes in and beautiful, clean, lush diapers come out. If dry time, easy of use, and cost are a concern for you, I’d highly recommend flat diapers. They’re a single layer square of absorbent fabric that you can use Snappied around a small baby (EXCELLENT poo containing powers) or folded into a pad for an older baby. You can use them in a cover (aka “shell”) or stuff them into a pocket diaper. They wash up SO well, dry the fastest of any diaper type, and are the cheapest route by far. I love bamboo flats for the added absorbency and softness. I could go on for days about cloth diapers! #momlife Congratulations!


  3. I wanted to do cloth diapers and did a lot of research too. I wish my husband would have been on board, our caregiver was weary too. NEXT TIME!


    1. Aww, yes it can be overwhelming. I have heard of one parent doing cloth and one doing disposable when they change the baby. I have also heard of some caregivers making exceptions like if it’s a pocket diaper, pre-stuffed, since that is the most comparable to a disposable diaper.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. yeah well the caregiver was my mother. But yes I have heard of that too! I wanted to do inserts with the option of having them disposed of or also the option of having reusable inserts. I was super close to getting Charlie Banana.


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