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Pregnancy Week Twenty-Seven and Midwife Reprimand

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I visited the birth center for a prenatal appointment this week (they have me coming every four weeks). Each visit I see a different midwife with the purpose of getting acquainted with all their staff since the midwife attending my birth will be whoever is on call for that day. Usually, the prenatal appointments consist of the basics such as: taking my blood pressure, my weight, my heart rate, baby’s heart rate, and measuring my belly. The midwife asks if I have any questions and then they usually finish the appointment with a lecture of some sort or another. It’s to the point where I am quite certain they aren’t given their paycheck unless at every appointment they find a topic the pregnant mama needs a scolding in and they give her a good solid reprimand.
For many of my appointments the lectures have consisted of why I should have a doula at my birth. It wasn’t until this week that I found out that this birth center requires all first time moms to attend either a birth class or have a doula at their birth. Some how I missed the memo. Did I come across as unobliging or at least unbothered regarding that requirement? I wonder how many lectures I could have skipped if I had been aware of this preliminary requirement for a birth class or doula?!? It seems like a decent preliminary requirement if you ask me. I would have happily signed a form saying, “Yes, I will attend a birth class (or have a doula picked) before my due date. Yes, I would like to skip the prenatal appointment lectures, thank you.” It turns out Husband and I are attending  a 12-week Bradley Method Birth Class and the more I learn about labor, I am deeply considering having a friend participate as our doula.
Well, after this week’s prenatal appointment the midwife can happily check off “Lecture Pregnant Mom,” from her prenatal appointment check list. She did a fine job meeting that requirement, per usual. The topic of interest being my weight. As I mentioned previously, I have been feeling on the larger side lately. I hear this is a common feeling for pregnant ladies finishing the second trimester and starting the third. However, I also noticed the scale jumped considerably, so I too had my concerns regarding the change. All this to say, the Midwife wasn’t necessarily off-base, I just wish they came about their concerns in a less scolding manner. I should ask around and see if other mamas have had this experience or if it’s just me. Perhaps I give off a “carefree” attitude that makes this birth center staff feel like they need to help bring my feet back to earth?
The scale said I gained 15 pounds in the last four weeks; that means I was gaining about four pounds per week. With the recommendation of gaining about one pound per week, I don’t think Baby or I have quite needed the extra nutrition that was coming from four. At that rate I will gain a total of 45 pounds in the last trimester in addition to the 40lbs I’ve already gained!

I am recommitting to exercise and upping my efforts! I am now aiming to exercise daily: this includes a morning weight lift (see my weight life routine here), an afternoon walk with Husband, and a before bed stretch. Husband and I were only doing 10-20 minute walks, but we are recommitting to 30 minutes of walking as well as making concerted effort to go daily. I have also decided to tweak my eating habits by: cutting out desserts/treats and eating more in the first half of the day. Cutting out all sweets might be tricky with Christmas around the corner, but I feel motivated! Truth be told I was eating a dessert every day for probably the past month and my pre-pregnancy experience has shown that when I eat desserts regularly my weight increases, but when I cut them out I gradually drop that same weight. Lastly, I had been in a habit of eating a heavy snack before bed to prevent waking up hungry in the night. Perhaps, I can tone that down by aiming to eat more in the morning? To be clear, this entire pregnancy I have focused heavily on getting ample amounts of fruit, veggies, protein, and grains as well as taking a daily prenatal pill (I like taking Rainbow Light Prenatal One as I mentioned in my post Six Weeks Pregnancy Update and the Best Prenatal Pill), so when it comes to getting all the nutrients Baby and my body needs, I am not skimping!


  • Bleeding Gums: usually after I floss.
  • Acne: fighting the good fight: showering daily.
  • Burping: more in general, but especially after I lie down to sleep bubbles form in my throat for some reason.
  • Dreaming: I dream every night.
  • Cracking Joints: all day, everyday.
  • Forgetful: pregnancy brain?
  • Weight: up about 40lbs from pre-pregnancy weight.


 Birth class this week we talked about transition in labor and labor stage two. It’s fun to learn how the body works, what baby has to go through, and how to minimize complications. My biggest take away in the process of learning about labor is how important relaxing is to the healthy progression of labor. When a laboring woman is able to stay relaxed her body is free to help baby move down and out; tensing up actually causes unnecessary pain and discomfort. Learning how labor works makes me feel confident and prepared. I can do this!
Since becoming pregnant I have read several birth books and a parenting one now too. Here’s what I’ve read and found helpful:
These are all books lent to me, so I just may need to buy them for myself! I’m looking forward to reading Ina May Gaskin’s book next as many people have referred it to me.
Have you received scolding “lectures” from your birth team or had any disagreements between you?

2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Week Twenty-Seven and Midwife Reprimand

  1. Scolding lectures never accomplish anything. It’s an art to talk to a pregnant woman or a new mother without hurting her. I have trained this for years and years and I think the difficulty is that you meet a new person every time. Hard truths are easier said when you gave a confidence in the person and a personal relationship. I am glad you are motivated to keep your weight in prober shape. It’s much easier for the child to have a safe birth when the mother is not too heavy. Love Maria from Denmark 🇩🇰


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