Pregnancy in Weeks

Pregnancy Week Twenty-Six and Sick Husband=Crazy Pregnant Lady

It’s been two weeks now of Husband being sick with a cold. We’ve heard more and more people mention they currently have, or have had something similar. It lasts forever and changes between sore throat, lack of a voice, cough, congestion, and fatigue, with each day being different. We thought he was over it a few times and then it came back the next day! Now, until he is better we are limiting what he is allowed to do, giving him all the sick fighting supplies we have, and getting him extra sleep.
I have found it quite wearing to have Husband sick for so long. With a sore throat he can’t talk as much, and with low energy he doesn’t want to listen to me talk very much, so I think I’ve gotten a little bit lonely. Plus, wanting him to save his energy leaves me doing a few extra chores here and there, which gets tiring and isn’t fun. The positive side is I am thankful. I am thankful that I didn’t get the cold sickness, saving the pregnancy and baby from any potential complications. I am thankful to Husband for all he did for me when I was chronically sick the past two years. How did he do it? And I am thankful that I am better from the chronic fatigue I experienced.


In the midst of Husband’s bout of a winter cold, I had a crazy pregnant lady breakdown. As I mentioned last week, I am feeling quite large, in addition to feeling unpretty because of the never ending acne, this new found ability to feel like my stomach is full (stuffed even), lonliness and fatigue from caring for a sick Husband, and well, I suddenly started to cry. The tears burst out uncontrollably mid-lunch. I cried and then I laughed because I was crying and then I cried because I was sad. I cried because my soup was too filling and I felt stuffed. I laughed because I’ve never cried about having a full stomach before. I cried because I couldn’t finish my bowl of soup and was wasting food. I laughed because who cares if I throw away a few bites of soup this once? And then I cried some more. The stuff hormones can make you do is quite strange! (see my hormone posts about: Forgetfulness and Anger)


  • Acne: Fighting the good fight.
  • Burping: More in general, but especially after I lie down to sleep bubbles form in my throat for some reason.
  • Bleeding gums: When I floss.
  • Warm: Since the cold weather has come, I’m usually the warmest person in the room. Turns out being pregnant in winter isn’t such a bad thing!
  • Dreaming: I dream every night, some nights are more vivid than others.
  • Cracking Joints: all day, everyday.
  • Hungry: All of the 1st and 2nd trimester I was always very hungry. That has subsided! I feel like I have a normal appetite again.
  • Mood Swings: Had a hormone incited breakdown this week.


At birth class this week, which I attended without sick Husband, we talked about labor stage one. They discussed the importance of eating and drinking plenty in the early stages of labor, how to recognize when it’s the real deal and not a false start, how to time contractions, and more! We also watched a birth video. It was my first time and I was a bit shocked. I have heard it’s probably a good idea to watch a few births to become familiar with the process, and desensitize to the whole ordeal.  I’m glad for the birth class, because I’m too afraid to watch birth videos by myself.
This week my phone app says Baby is the size of a butternut squash: about 14inches and 2lbs! The other exciting news for this week is that a check came from our cost-sharing healthcare company covering our birth! Husband and I are filled with gratitude! When Obama Care required everyone to purchase health insurance, Husband and I chose a qualifying cost-sharing healthcare ministry that focuses on families and specifically pregnancy (since we knew that was in our near future). It was definitely the best choice for us, as our prenatal care and birth is offically covered in full by our “insurance plan.” Without that kind of support, I don’t see how we’d afford the costs of giving birth in our current society.
Do you have any crazy pregnant lady stories? 

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