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Pregnancy Week Twenty-Five and Bump Photos

I looked in the mirror for the first time in a few weeks and I did not recognize my body. “That’s not me, is it?” I thought, “I look so pregnant now! Am I really that huge?” Photos from this week:

Let’s compare how my bump has progressed, shall we? Here’s 9 weeks, 15 weeks, and 18 weeks:

Here’s 20 weeks, 23 weeks, and 25 weeks:

And just for fun, let’s compare me wearing the same outfit! 8 weeks versus 23 weeks:


  • Sore Belly: maybe because it’s stretching out or from lots of baby movement?
  • Bleeding Gums: usually after I floss.
  • Acne: fighting the good fight i.e. showering daily.
  • Dreams: I dream every night.
  • Burps: Every night when I lie down for sleep, bubbles fill my throat.
  • Cracking Joints: all day, everyday.


This week Husband and I threw a Friendsgiving party. Both our families live nearby, so we go to one side or the other, and sometimes both on Thanksgiving. As such, we’ve never cooked a turkey dinner; this was our first and the Turkey turned out fabulously thanks to Husband! We love hosting parties and feeding people, so we may just have to do this again next year.
Sleep has been better for me this week. That could be thanks to finding out an herbal tea I was drinking the past three weeks was not so herbal (it was very much caffeinated), as well as my recommitment to daily workouts. That’s right, I’m happy to report that I found an exercise plan that I love to do even with a belly! Last week I was ready for a change, but this week I developed two separate workouts I can rotate day-to-day (see My Big Belly Workout #1). I don’t do any high impact exercises anymore, and no more bouncing like jumping jacks or burpees. They were just too uncomfortable with a belly. Now I focus on lifting weights with my arms, and strengthening my legs with squats, and lunges. I do a few different core strengthening exercises like planks. I finish with a few pregnancy exercises introduced by our Bradley Method Birth Class (squatting, pelvic rocks, and kegels) followed by a few stretches for a cool down.
Recently at Birth class we talked about how baby is developing. I’m learning a lot at our Birth Class and I am thankful for how it prompts conversations between Husband and I. We don’t know what questions to be asking or even what we don’t know about birth, so I am thankful for the preparation this class provides.
What exercises have you enjoyed in the second and third trimester of pregnancy?

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