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Pregnancy Week Twenty-Four and Enough is Enough

Stuff just got real, folks! This is the week that I retired my pre-pregnancy tee shirts, and my pre-pregnancy exercise plan. It’s also the week that I decided to start counting down the weeks until my due date; I am ready to end this gig!
One evening while putting on a tee shirt for bed, I had an epiphany, “There’s a two inch gap between my shirt and my pants.” I recalled the two previous nights and how I much time I spent tugging on my shirt, pointlessly trying to keep my shirt from ridding up, throughout my sleep. I was ready to face the facts, my sleeping shirts no longer fit. Many times Husband has giggled at my tiny tee shirts amazed by their lack of substance. I would snap back that they weren’t small, that his shirts were just big. Now, I find myself folding up those same shirts baffled at their size. “Did I really fit into these before? They are so small! How did this piece of cloth reach from my shoulders all the way to my hips?” Pregnancy is a journey of saying “good-bye” to the old, so you can say “hello” to the new. Hello, large, comfy, Husband tee shirts!
EHS7NJY7KT (1).jpg
In a similar manner, after several weeks of struggling with my pre-pregnancy workout, this was the week I decided enough was enough. It came to that point in the pregnancy where my belly was uncomfortably in the way of the majority of my exercise moves, so much so that it became demotivating. If there’s one thing I have learned about living a healthy lifestyle it’s the importance of keeping motivation, aka finding healthy choices that you enjoy, not dread. I’m hunting for late pregnancy workout ideas. Until then, yardwork, a daily walk, and a before bed stretch are my pregnancy exercise staples. (More on exercise: 7 Great Reasons to Exercise While Pregnant, My Big Belly Workout #1 )


  • Baby Movement: I feel him move everyday.
  • Acne: fighting the good fight (in other words, I’m showering daily).
  • Dreams: I dream every night.
  • Burps: Every night when I lie down for sleep, bubbles fill my throat.
  • Cracking Joints: all day, everyday.


Last week Husband caught a flu bug, this week I got to enjoy the experience as well. I had hoped I could skip it. (Read more here: Sick Husband=Crazy Pregnant Lady) That made for a pretty uneventful week. I stayed home from three nights of events: Bible Study, Birth Class, and the Small Group we attend. Other news: Baby is the size of an eggplant, at least 13 inches long and 1.5lbs.
I’ve also recently wore a hole in my favorite pair of leggings, which was very disappointing. They were cheap, but I patched them anyway. They’re fleece lined! Fleece lined! Have you ever had fleece lined leggings? Well, let me tell you…they are nice. So cozy!
Did you ever have moments where you “threw in the towel” on your pregnancy? 

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