Pregnancy in Weeks

Pregnancy Week Twenty-Three and Medical Mayhem

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Between the energy draining blood draw and an adrenaline inducing allergic reaction this was a rough week for me. At the beginning of the week I had blood tests done for my doctor to check on a preexisting medical issue, which meant I couldn’t eat until after the blood draw. I am someone who eats right away in the morning and skipping breakfast leaves me feeling depleted of all ambition. I have a feeling pregnancy worsened my reaction to skipping a meal, as that day and the next I was tired and grumpy. I’m glad I got the tests done and can’t wait to find out the results in a few weeks, but it was definitely not fun.
A miscommunication with my allergist also contributed to it being a “blah” week for me. I stopped taking my allergy medication (at the allergy nurse’s requirement) and ended up having a weird allergic reaction. Husband and I were a on a long leisurely walk, enjoying the mild fall weather we’ve been having, when all of sudden my legs were unbearably itchy. Walking seemed to aggravate the itch, but we had to get back to our car. I was trying to be polite and not to itch in public, but it definitely still happened. Once in the car, I found no rashes. At home I changed clothes and I applied plenty of lotion in case it was dry skin, but that only helped a enough for me to not “need” to scratch. It wasn’t until the next morning that I became convinced it was an allergic reaction, so for about 12 hours I was racking my brain and scouring the internet for possible links to itchy legs and pregnancy. Of course there are rare and dramatic diseases where women get itchy legs in pregnancy, so I was trying hard not to assume that was the case for me. I didn’t just write a blog about anxiety or anything…gah!
A picture from our “Itchy Walk.” Aren’t the leaves gorgeous?

The next morning, I called the allergist back and a different nurse cleared up the miscommunication, demanding I get back on my Allergy Medication right away. Not only should I stay on my medication because of the pregnancy, she explained that since it’s been a mild fall and we’re about two weeks behind on getting a good heavy frost, pollen is around aplenty causing grief for many. Once I hung up the phone I cried my little eyes out, distressed at the miscommunication and the problems it caused. That day and the next I was quite exhausted from the ordeal (and I’m sure from fighting the allergens). At least now I know how helpful antihistamines are for my proper functioning!


  • Insomnia: Waking up about twice a week after 4-6 hours of sleep feeling wide awake. After getting up and doing something I can take a 2-4hr “nap,” but it isn’t the most refreshing pattern of sleep.
  • Baby Movement: I feel little and big movements, he must be getting bigger in there!
  • Forgetfulness: daily occurence.
  • Bleeding Gums: after I floss.
  • Acne: Not sure this will go away until after pregnancy, showering extra often has helped keep things under control.
  • Cracking Joints: all day, everyday.
  • Mommy Anxiety: worry about itchiness.
  • Weight Gain: I’ve gained 30lbs since pre-pregnancy.


Husband and I surived another week of birth class, but having three nights a week pre-booked still feels like quite a stretch. I hope we can adjust and make the 10 weeks left of the class work without having to stop different commitments. In our second birth class we talked about nutrition and the importance of good nutrition in pregnancy. We covered the basics like the importance of getting our nutrients form whole foods, avoiding processed foods, and choosing Organic food options as much as possible, and aiming to take in 80-100g of protein per day.
For me none of this was news. Since age 13, when I took my first nutrition class in middleschool, I have been fascinated with nutrition. I have read several nutrition books, dramatically altered my diet at least four times (so far), and given most nutrition fads a try. At this point, I have developed my own theory for nutrition tying together common themes most nutritionists recommend, despite the coming and going of fads. You know, I’d probably would have made a decent dietician, but I never went that route.  In birth class, I was however reminded of the importance of water. I have not been taking into account that being 30lbs heavier should change how much water I drink. So, for the next few weeks I’ll be tracking that. The phone app called “Plant Nanny” is my favorite way to record my daily water intake.
What medical road bumps have you experienced in pregnancy? 

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