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Pregnancy Week Twenty-Two and Mommy Anxiety

Oh no! I licked a spoon with raw egg in it and now I have a tummy ache, will baby get salmonella poisoning? I’m taking care of cats for a week, will baby be harmed by me cleaning the cat litter? What if baby gets wrapped up in his umbilical cord and dies?
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Many times throughout this pregnancy I have found myself internally freaking out that baby isn’t going to be okay. Anxious thoughts try to creep in over something I did or didn’t do. Next comes a google search that may or may not incite further anxiety (you know how it goes). From what I’ve read as mothers seek advice on pregnancy apps, or discuss their journey online, I’ve learned not the only one who faces mommy anxiety. Allow me to share my struggle with anxiety, my resolve to live free from it, and what helps me overcome victoriously.  Two main things have helped me calm down and keep the anxiety at bay.
First, I use basic cognitive behavioral therapy skills to identity my anxiety, reframe the situation, refocus, and if I need to–push the negative thoughts out of my mind to readdress them at a later time when I am in a calmer state. If you struggle with anxiety in your life I highly recommend you look into learning some cognitive behavioral therapy skills, whether it’s reading websites, taking a class, or getting one-on-one therapy. You’re worth it! Baby is worth it! And everyone who interacts with you will appreciate having a peaceful you.
Secondly, I find comfort in God. Once I’ve done the first step of identifying the anxiety, and have narrowed it down to realistic concerns, I’ll remind myself of who Jesus is and give Him my concern praying fervently for His protection on baby. When I was concerned about possible salmonella poisoning I reminded myself that God is the Creator, a Healer, and He made my body to protect and carry a baby. I also remember that if something happens to baby He will comfort me and guide me. He is the giver of wisdom. I have story after story I can look back on of how He has guided myself and others perfectly. He is the same and never changes, He will continue to be a good leader over my life. After remembering truth, I pray fervently for the Lord to protect baby and to guide me in this pregnancy. Finally, I release my fears to Him and choose to believe the situation is in His hands.
Worry doesn’t add anything to our lives. I invite you to join me in vigilantly combating the lie that worry gives us control over our situations. May worry no longer sap life from our ability to mother!


  • Tired: not able to sleep more than 8hrs a night lately. This leaves me tired in the day.
  • Baby Movement: every day I feel him move, now.
  • Forgetfulness: daily.
  • Bleeding Gums: usually from flossing, this didn’t happen before pregnancy.
  • Acne: my face is under control, but the rest of my body isn’t.
  • Vivid Dreams: every night, it always feels so real.
  • Achy Muscles: I seem to get sore easily, now.
  • Cracking Joints: all day, everyday.
  • Burps: When I lie down at night bubbles form in my throat and tummy.
  • UTI and Yeast infection: pulled out a few tricks to stop them in their tracks before a doctor visit was needed.


This week wasn’t sunshine and roses, unlike last week. I wasn’t at all excited to get out of bed this week, ha! So, I guess that was a wonderful fluke. UTI’s and Yeast infections, unfortunately, are not new experiences for me. I’ve noticed I often get a UTI if I had a yeast infection go unchecked. Well, that happend this week. Thankfully, I have a few tricks to stop them in their tracks before a doctor visit is needed, namely lots of H2O, cranberry juice, reducing my sugar and carbs intake, and garlic.
Birth class has started. Our first class we learning exercises to do daily to prepare my body for birth. I was impressed by how important exercise can be to preparing. The Bradley Method really stresses that birth is an athletic event: it requires physical strength and stamina by the birthing mom, as well as cooperation in positioning her body to help baby exit quickly. I’m excited to learn more!
What are some things that help you win the battle against mommy anxiety? 

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