Pregnancy in Weeks

Pregnancy Week Twenty-One and Ultrasound Results

Husband and I tromped off to our ultrasound this week. As the ultrasound technician took 45 minutes looking at everything there is to see inside my uterus, she declared all was well. She showed us more than I thought possible. We saw Baby’s hands, feet, legs, arms, heart, kidneys, stomach, spine, and the placenta. Based on the measurements she took Baby is taller than the average Joe, which did not surprise us at all. It was fun to hear that at 21 weeks Baby is already tall like his parents (Husband is 6’5″ and I’m 5’9″)! An example she gave us is that Baby’s foot measures in at just under 2 inches, already. Also, according to the measurements she took Baby is weighing in at one pound. That means when I step on the scale, one pound of the weight is officially not me–I just think that’s so great.
The technician had the hardest time trying to get a profile of the baby as seen above, so it’s a bit blurry. She spent about 15 minutes at the end of our session trying to get him to move, so we could have this picture for our memories. She said it is common for taller, thinner women to carry their babies low and therefore baby’s face can be hard to see since it’s nestled in near the pelvic bone. In the picture above you can see his hand above his face, the placenta is the grayish thing above baby, and the black hole in his rib cage is his stomach.
Beside having a hard time getting a profile picture, the technician said she was impressed by how many other great pictures Baby was providing for us. She said a clear view of the ear is extremely unheard of, yay Baby! He also showed off his hand, with all its fingers (even a thumb), as well as a clear view of his foot and all his toes.


  • Insomnia: I wake up many times and roll over, hard to stay comfortable, I think it’s because I can feel baby move now and he is very active at night.
  • Baby Movement: I have felt him move from the outside several times now!
  • Forgetfulness: Little details get lost easily.
  • Acne: much more than normal.
  • Vivid Dreams: every night, it always feels so real.
  • Achy Muscles: I seem to get sore easily, now. Especially in my back and shoulders.


I’ve been really eager to start my day lately, I wake up excited for the tasks ahead of me. I don’t remember feeling that way since grade school. I’m not sure if it’s a pregnancy symptom or just life and God being really sweet to me in this season? Either way my joy tank is full and I’m happy as a clam over here. I hope this is the new norm!
Waterfall Shower splash clean.jpg
Acne has been a problem for a while now. It’s not really a problem on my face, so much as everywhere else. And when I get pimples often times they hurt, like little sores from the fiery pit sent up to torture me. So, I’ve been moved to act. I decided to start showering daily. Don’t judge. Pre-pregnancy I didn’t need a daily shower because I didn’t get dirty easily, I didn’t sweat often, nor did I break out. I’m hoping more showers will do the trick and I won’t need to try cutting any foods out. Wish me luck!

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