Pregnancy in Weeks

Pregnancy Week Twenty and Family Heritage

Car seat, diapers, crib, clothes, blankets, baby tub… and the list goes on. There are so many things to gather before baby comes; to stay within budget is a feat. I am extremely grateful to say I knocked a few items off my “to buy” list without having to spend a penny. It turns out my mother-in-law had kept a few baby things from her baby raising days. This means I don’t need to buy a crib, crib mattress, high chair, or cradle. This also means that baby will get to sleep in the same crib as Husband slept in, wow!


If I received anything from marrying Husband it’s been a rich family heritage. His family is a family of keeping traditions, sharing stories, passing on their legacy, and big celebrations. Birthdays, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are all festive events filled with merriment and celebrating. Particularly, the month of December is an exciting time to be a part of Husband’s family, there are: special Advent Sunday suppers, cookie decorating, ornament hanging, a candlelight dinner with the fine china, a day long present opening celebration, ice skating, and a tamale feast! It’s been a blast joining in all the traditions they keep. I hope to pass on some of this rich family heritage to baby and his siblings. Who knows, maybe Baby’s children will sleep in this very same crib.


  • Baby movement: At night he moves around and I can feel it! I often wake up to pains.
  • Acne: Much more than normal. What happened to the promises of glowing pregnancy skin?
  • Insomnia: I have had weird cases once or twice a week where I wake up after 4-5hrs and can’t sleep. I get up and do something for a few hours until I’m sleepy and then take a 2hr nap. Its nice to have the flexibility to do that with my work situation.
  • Cracking Joints:The cracks and pops are just normal every day occurrences now.
  • Vivid Dreams: Every night, it always feels so real.
  • Forgetful: If I don’t finish saying my thought immediately it will get lost within 30 seconds of me thinking it.
  • Sore Feet: We have hardwood floors and I spend a lot of time standing on the hard kitchen floor. Lately, my feet have needed some extra padding.


This week I took care of my family’s cat, while my parents were on vacation. I heard that cleaning cat litter can be dangerous to pregnancies, so I looked into it and took all precautions. I made sure to clean the litter-box at least every 24 hours, wore disposable gloves, and washed my hands immediately afterward to prevent catching the problem parasite. Are there other pregnant ladies out there who clean their cat’s litter?
Recently, husband took me to the mall, and I got two new extra long shirts for wearing over leggings. I can’t wait to wear them! Lately, I am having fun coming up with new bump friendly outfits to wear. Staying comfortable and looking fabulous seems somewhat doable, for now.
Coming up this week is our official 20 week ultrasound, pictures to come! Then next week is the start of our birthing class. I decided to sign up with the Bradley Method, because it was highly recommended by my mother-in-law. I found that they suit me because they focus on giving birth naturally (empowering women that their bodies are more than capable), and they are very thorough in their approach. I am hoping this class will help me mentally prepare for labor and caring for a newborn, give me some tips on coping with the pain, as well as get Husband more involved the big change coming to our lives! I am nervous about the class because it is twelve weeks long! Husband and I already have a full week of evening events, so adding this to our schedule will make for a busy three months.
What are some parts of your family heritage that you are grateful to receive? 

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