Pregnancy in Weeks

Sixteen Weeks Pregnant and Pregnancy Brain

Can I blame the pregnancy on this one? Well, I’m gonna! It all started with my credit card getting hacked, which may or may not have been my fault. I remember the moment I used my card online and thought, “this doesn’t seem secure.” The next day my credit card company was calling me to verify the hacker’s transactions. Boy am I glad for credit card companies with strong fraud prevention technology!


The real goofiness happened when I called in to verify the new credit card and they ask me to give them a pin. I never give my credit card a pin, but I went ahead and typed in the pin I use for my smart phone (or so I thought). That afternoon I stopped by an ATM and I couldn’t remember my debit card pin for the life of me because of the dumb credit card pin I had just made. My debit card got locked until my bank mailed me my pin (of over seven years).


Lastly, I found myself at home trying to login to my smart phone, but it won’t work! Husband was watching me and started to laugh as I attempted to login three times failing miserably and getting distraught.

  • Me: *panicked*”What’s so funny? My smartphone isn’t letting me in!”
  • Husband: “Because you’re not typing in your password.”
  • Me: “What!?! This is the pin I put on my credit card.”
  • Husband:”Well, it’s not the password to your phone. Why’d you put a pin on your credit card?”
  • Me: “I don’t know! But, help! What’s my password again?”


I literally forgot a password I use at least 20x a day! Not only that, I added a useless pin to my credit card that led me to forget both my debit card pin and my smart phone password. What a mess! It felt strange to have no recollection of what my important numbers were. This wasn’t the first time I have experienced memory problems so far this pregnancy, but it’s the most memorable (no pun intended).


Nausea: nope! “Hello,” second trimester!
Mood Swings: sometimes I get crabby and I recognize its pregnancy hormones acting up and wait for it to pass.
Bump: it’s showing!
Joint/muscle pain: I get sore easier from exercise, so I stretch and ice my sore muscles often.
Forgetfulness: forgot passwords
Nasal congestion: this started to happen and then I read it can be a result of hormone changes, especially if you’re already prone to it.
Cravings: fruit. I’ve eaten a lot of fruit all pregnancy.
Increased energy: Yes, I’ve been much more able lately. But I also still sleep an average of 9hrs per night.


Forgot to write last week, so I’m putting this up late. Husband and I went out of town to visit one of his best friends for the weekend. I’ve been learning how to do the housewife thing lately. I find it helps me to have a tentative schedule: Mondays I cook bulk lunch and breakfasts; Tuesdays I cook chicken broth, menu plan, and write a grocery list; Wednesdays I grocery shop; Thursdays I do laundry; and Fridays I cook bulk lunches and breakfasts again. I’ve also had plenty of time to finish unpacking boxes from our move nine months ago, wash windows, and catch up on some long overdue yard work.


Other noteworthy news: Husband laughs at me every time I workout! Apparently he hasn’t seen many different workout moves, so anything other than push-ups and jumping jacks is a riot for him. It’s miserable trying to do my exercises with an audience giggling at my every move, so it’s gotten to the point where I kick him out of the room until I’m done. If you ask me burpees, mountain climbers, and squats aren’t that funny.

What’s a pregnancy brain story you have? 


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