Pregnancy in Weeks

Pregnancy Week Fifteen and Killer Nails

My nails are just growing, growing, growing. Maybe it’s the pregnancy hormones? Maybe it’s the prenatal supplements and all the extra nutrients I am taking in? Maybe it’s both?
I am so impressed with how long and strong  my nails are I kind of want to let them grow and grow and grow. Certain celebrities have been rocking the long nail trend lately, so I thought I’d go for the extra long, fake nail look too and see what I thought. I have to admit that they didn’t win me over. I don’t really love long nails, I usually prefer them as short as they can go. Long nails are surprisingly annoying and at this length (see pic) they were constantly getting in the way. When I use my smart phone they go *click, click, click* on the screen and since I can no longer use the tip of my finger, I often end up pushing the wrong buttons. But here they are displayed in all their glory for you too see.
Along with very robust nails, this week also brought the first sightings of a bump. It seemed to appear over night. This week is the first week I can no longer tuck my tummy in–it’s permanently stuck out. When I sit down, lie down, or stand it automatically hangs out. Since it’s officially a bump, I decided it’s time to post a photo (see more of my bump photos here) This picture was taken while I was getting ready to go to Husband’s formal work event. I had planned to wear this dress, however it was much too revealing for an event where most had not yet heard we were pregnant. I felt like a stuffed sausage in the dress and didn’t want people thinking, “Well, she put on quite a few pounds since we’ve seen her last year didn’t she,” when I could wear something a bit more flattering to my changing figure. (Update: many weeks later one of Husband’s co-workers said after they saw me at the aboved mention they thought I must be pregnant or ate a little too much desssert lately, haha!)


Nausea: nope!
Mood Swings: trying not to get too aggravated by loud and annoying birds that chirp for 20min nonstop, a yippy dog that barks all day, and noisy lawn mowers that run and run and run.
Bump: it just started showing!
Joint pain: I woke up at 4:30am one morning with a sore muscle in my left chest, it was hard to breathe. Thankfully it left by bedtime. I used an ice pack, stretched it several times, and took Tylenol.
Cravings: fruit. I’ve eaten a lot of fruit all pregnancy. Especially seasonal fruit. Apples are in season now.
Tired: Yes, and I still sleep an average of 9hrs a night.
Forgetful: more on that next week.


I had a prenatal appointment this week and got to hear a heart beat again. The midwife said baby’s heart beat is 145bpm and mine is 65bpm. She also told me to start looking into birthing classes. I was surprised, I thought, “I am way too early to worry about that!” However, she said it’s best to see what options I have, find a class starting in time for me to finish before 35 weeks, and make sure it works for our schedule. I guess I better get on that. Also, this Birth Center highly suggest using a doula, not sure that’s for me. I hope to ask around and see what other women’s experiences are. (Update: you can see my blog about miscommunication with my birth center midwives here)
What’s your opinion of having a doula? Are you going to have a doula? Or did you have a doula? 

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