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Pregnancy Week Thirteen and Food Drama

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No more meat or onions for us! Monday morning, like a typical Monday morning, I was trying to cook eggbake and soup for our breakfasts and lunches, which includes sauteing onions and meat. That did not go over well this week! I could barely stand to be in the kitchen as the smells were awful to me. I was the closest I have been to running to the toilet all pregnancy. I did not eat much the rest of the day as I wasn’t hungry for anything and felt completely disgusted by food. I told Husband I may not be cooking any more meat or onions for the rest of my pregnancy. He was a good sport about it, and seems to understand. In fact, a couple weeks back husband saved our dinner by offering to step in as I started to get nauseous and he finished the cooking.
As a result of this increasingly long list of aversions, all I want to eat is frozen vegetables, Mac and cheese, fresh or dried fruit, and cooked potatoes (french fries, mash potatoes, or hash browns). I even bought myself two packets of dried mashed potatoes this week as a quick snack. I’m not proud of my purchase as there are additives and preservatives in them. Husband cringed when I showed him my purchase, he couldn’t believe that I would stoop to such a level. You have to understand that we rarely buy processed foods. We’re a real food, home-cooked everything sort of family. We buy fresh bread from a local bakery. Our weekly processed food indulgences consist of tortilla chips and salsa for me and Cheez-It Crackers for Husband. With being pregnant I’ve also added mashed potatoes from a bag, and mac and cheese to my “fake” food indulgences, ha!


  • Nausea: This week is the closest I’ve been to throwing up
  • Aversions: Cooked onions, cooked meat, strong spices, and don’t mention kebabs, hummus, or Greek food either *gag*
  • Cravings: French fries
  • Tired: sleeping around 9hrs per night and sleepy all day
  • Joint/Muscle Pain: I have had a sore knee for several weeks, and icing it has been the only relief


Not only did I experience extreme food aversions this week, I also experienced my first real craving: french fries. Though, I will admit it was after a day of not eating much of anything (due to the nausea) and I am sure my body was just plain hungry–every one craves food when their body needs some nourishment.  Another first for me this week was receiving a bag of maternity clothes from a fellow pregnant friend. This particular friend has set the bar high for looking cute, yet being comfy while showing off a baby bump. I hope to follow in her footsteps!
I also did my first “Birth Art” this week. I’m reading Birthing from Within by Pam England and she talks about doing birth art as a way to emotionally prepare for motherhood. (Update: See my week 27 post for more prenatal books I’ve enjoyed). In her book she includes a series of questions that you can use as topics for creating birth art and processing your journey. I enjoyed making the picture above with colored pencils and I hope to do more again soon as there are twelve different prompts to use. I find it relaxing to create, but rarely make time to do art. There is a lot to process on this journey toward motherhood and I think birth art is a great preparation tool!
I love hearing stories: what are some of your pregnancy food stories? Aversions? Cravings?

2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Week Thirteen and Food Drama

  1. Meat is really hard for me too. At 27 weeks (Monday) I still can’t stand the smell of meat cooking…..and usually can’t stomach more than a couple of bites before I’m done. My go to’s are basically anything with carbs. Bread, pasta, cereal, and potatoes.

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