Pregnancy in Weeks

Pregnancy Week Twelve and the Crash

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The after vacation crash. (You can read about my vacation here) I can’t believe how tiring a vacation can be, ha!  After napping all throughout our trip, resting often, and snacking as normal, I thought for sure I’d hit the ground running once we got back from our vacation.  We kept quite busy on vacation, we drove two days to get to our destination and two days to get home,  so I got worn out. Fortunately, I am jobless, so I could take the freedom to sleep, sleep, sleep most of this week. I also got caught up on laundry and cooking. All-in-all I am a happy camper; so glad for the vacation and pleased to be back.

computer work

I really hope to get on the job searching bandwagon soon. I want to give virtual assisting a try. Ideally, I would find a work from home position that is part-time, with flexible hours. If I could find something that fits that criteria, then I should be able to continue with the job easily after baby comes. Husband really likes having me home doing extra things around the house as well as laundry and cooking. I don’t mind it, but I sort of want to keep one foot in the work place. Especially, as we just bought our house nine months ago, we have several repairs we’d like to do, we’re both dreaming of replacing our 2002 car, and I have several doctors visits coming up, which means bills, bills, bills.


Appetite increase: always hungry
Tired: sleeping around 10 hours per night and tired all day
Nausea: needing to snack often
Body Changes: No weight gain in past three weeks. What!?!



I made a scale mistake last week. I thought I gained several pounds on vacation, but after weighing myself this week, turns out I gained none! I’m not too surprised that I didn’t gain weight on vacation, as all my life I have lost weight when I traveled. Traveling just throws me off for some reason. Maybe it’s the extra exercise, or my proneness to motion sickness, or the excitement that distracts me from over-indulging, not totally sure?  I read an encouraging chapter this week in Birthing from Within about the need for pregnant women to eat what they feel their body needs, even if it means gaining more than the recommended amount. Pam England talked about other cultures and how they highly value the cravings of pregnant women, as well as the current obsession in the West for pregnant women to minimize their weight gain. Now that I am back from vacation I hope to stay on a healthful weight gain progression.
Do you usually need a week to recover from your vacations? 

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