Pregnancy in Weeks

Pregnancy Week Eleven and Summer Vacation

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Hello Colorado and Rocky Mountains! Vacation is going well, even with several days of long drives. I have worked hard to drink lots of water and rest as I read pregnant women are more vulnerable to experiencing elevation sickness. I haven’t suffered more than few headaches that small doses of Tylenol easily eliminated and feeling short on air when walking around.
We drove out here with Husband’s parents and two of his brothers all together in their trusty minivan. We came to stay at a five bedroom cabin on the edge of the Rockies with the majority of my mother-in-law’s side of the family, sixteen of us in all. What a party it has been! I am learning much about Husband during this vacation: where his deep enjoyment of good food, cooking, and playing games comes from. We are enjoying a fabulous home-cooked gourmet meal each night by a team of family members. All of Husband’s aunts and uncles seem to thoroughly cherish their every bite, relishing the flavors. Dinners have lasted at least an hour as food is enjoyed and an abundance of stories are shared.  While games end in time for the all important home-cooked dinner, there is almost always a game in action throughout the entire day. Usually the first game starts after breakfast and the last games finish around 11pm. We’re playing Sequence, Quiddler, Boggle, Catan, Disc Golf, Croquet, and Mini Golf to name a few.
Along with great food and games, our vacation has consisted of a few hikes,  lots of snacking, and naps! Needless to say, I’ve been feeling great and have not had many noticeable pregnancy symptoms this week.


Appetite increase: always hungry
Tired: sleeping about 9 hours per night plus an afternoon rest
Cravings: sweet things, eating a lot of fruit
Aversions: greek food still, strong food smells
Mood swings: a few crying sessions this week


At my first prenatal appointment a few weeks ago they pushed back my due date. I hear this is pretty common. Next appointment I am going to ask them to run the numbers one more time, as I think the LMP I gave them was a few days off. The midwife suggested I get an early ultra sound for dating, but I am happy with a close guess and want to stick to one ultra sound for my pregnancy (at 20 weeks. See pictures of my 20 week ultrasound here!) to limit any possible negative side effects ultrasounds can cause. As I near the end of the first trimester I am less interested in what pregnancy brings and more interested what happens after birth. How will my body react/change? How to take care of a baby? What do I need to buy for said little human? What don’t I need to buy? (I share more of my journey of preparing for baby in my week 14 post: Baby Needs What?!?)
I am excited to announce I have received my first pregnancy gifts! My mom gave me two dresses to stay comfortable during pregnancy (Maxi dresses are the best for pregnancies!) and my mother-in-law gave me a rubber ducky that tells you if the water is a safe temperature for baby (you can find them here:Munchkin Safety Bath Ducky).
Were you able to enjoy a vacation during your pregnancy? 

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