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Pregnancy Week Ten and Picked My Delivery Place

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This is the week that I finally picked my delivery place. This means I officially have a prenatal care provider and birthplace! Husband came with me to an orientation they held. I was glad to have him with to approve of the place. It is a lovely birth center very near to us. I thought I’d write this week briefly about why I am choosing a birth center. Husband keeps saying he is glad because it will be cheaper, but that never crossed my mind (which is a surprise for once, because I am always the frugal one comparing prices and such). I have so many other reasons that I love the idea of a birth center that cost didn’t weigh into it. Also, to be honest, I have no idea how much a hospital birth costs, and my only other comparison has been a home birth with a midwife which is cheaper still. I decided I am not adventurous enough to go for a home birth my first go-around, though I know many, many women who have chosen that route.
Reasons I love the birth center idea (in no particular order):
  1. Very calm atmosphere: The birth center we picked is actually held in a big old house that they renovated. It feels like a home, not a clinic. There is no hustle and bustle that you’d feel at a hospital. Also, they have decorated the birth center very very nicely, similar to model homes builders make for you to walk through.
  2. Prenatal Appointments are relational focused: The birth center is run primarily by midwifes. The first appointment is an hour long, and the following appointments are often thirty minutes long. This is double of what you can expect from hospital prenatal care.
  3. Their Focus: They see birth as a natural process and women’s bodies as capable of bringing that about. Rather than seeing birth as a medical procedure dependent on technology, they use technology when needed to aid the natural process of pregnancies and birth. They have a saying at this particular birth center that they are “hands on and technology off,” or in other words they seek to limit the use of technology that is invasive to mother and baby.
  4. Strict policies and procedures: Even though it feels, looks and is slightly more laid back, when it comes to the serious medical stuff they don’t mess around. They are happy to send pregnant women off to a hospital if at any time a complication arises. If they send a laboring women to a hospital the midwife goes with and stays there as the woman’s main care provider in the hospital–that blows my mind! If complications arise as well as leaning heavily on the hospital they have plenty of community resources.
  5. Great Labor Environment: Along with the aesthetics and lack of hustle and bustle I mentioned in point one, they don’t have strict rules for labor. Women are free to eat and move around. They are equipped with tools to help the woman stay comfortable in the beginning stage of labor as well as while giving birth. Additionally, the midwife is there and available the entire time, this is dramatically different than a hospital.
  6. Leaves hospitals free to work on hard cases: Lastly, I love the idea that if women with healthy pregnancies use midwives and birth centers, ultimately hospitals will be more free to address complications. I for one, would like to know that when I go to a hospital they’ll have the room, staff, and ability to take care of me in the moment of my need. There is nothing worse than hearing how hospitals are overpopulated and patients can’t get the care that they need.


  • Fatigue: Much less fatigued this week.
  • Nausea: Yes, off and on.
  • Appetite Increase: Always hungry, basically my whole pregnancy.
  • Restless Legs: At night, more magnesium pills or a Epsom salt bath helps me.
  • Size Changes: This week my shorts were too uncomfortable to wear and I decided they don’t fit anymore. Bought a Bellaband and can’t wait for that to come so I can try it out!


As I mentioned in my symptoms, I have been hungry a lot. I haven’t been able to stay full for more than an hour this week! I eat at meal time and start to feel nauseous or get really full. Then one to two hours later I’m hungry again. So I eat 1st breakfast, 2nd breakfast, snack, lunch, after lunch snack, afternoon snack, dinner, and lastly dessert or bedtime snack. My nausea was the worst this week so far. I didn’t realize you can be hungry, eating something that tastes good, and at the same time nauseous. It’s been so bad that I woke up hungry at around 5am twice this past week. It’s hard to eat enough when nothing sounds good and eating makes me nauseous! Besides the crazy amount of hunger and random nausea, I have had a hugely productive week. It’s my first week off work and I’m loving it. I’m definitely keeping busy doing a fun side project and catching up on household chores.
I should tell you we started telling friends our news, “We’re pregnant!”. (We told our family in week 9). We are definitely waiting two or more weeks before we really make it public and do any social media posting.
Have you considered a birth center? Where are you going for your prenatal care and delivery? 

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