Pregnancy in Weeks

Pregnancy Week Nine and Weight Gain

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I am nine weeks pregnant and I have gained eight pounds so far! Pause. I have to camp here. Does any one even talk about this–the tension of weight gain while pregnant? Recommended weight gain for the first trimester (the first twelve weeks) is one to five pounds, while some women even lose weight during their first trimester. I have to be honest, I have been uneasy about already gaining eight pounds. Here’s why:

  • I don’t want people to KNOW I’m pregnant yet and I am nervous that too much weight gain too fast will be a dead giveaway.
  • I would like to stay in my pre-pregnancy clothes as long as possible.
  • The reality is that we live in a society that says, “Thin is in.” Even while growing a baby it’s hard to not feel a need to look thin.
  • I would love to minimize the amount of stretch marks I get by slowly gaining, and gaining the least amount necessary.
  • Gaining too much weight during pregnancy adds an additional risk of prenatal diabetes, preeclampsia, and an over-sized baby.

 Can you identify with any of these? Does gaining weight for your pregnancy freak you out a little bit too?

a baby

Here’s what helps me laugh off my weight gain and fight the urge to be overly concerned:

  • My body is putting a lot of work into building a baby, for Pete’s sake! It needs all the nutrition it can get. I’m suppose to be gaining weight, so I am going to have to learn a change of mindset.
  • Most women I know struggle emotionally with any significant size change, up or down. It is always an adjustment emotionally, mentally, and physically. I’m not alone.
  • You can ask Husband, I am eating quite healthily. My weight gain is not a result of indulging in sweet treats or junk food.
  • I have been struggling with bouts of nausea and eating helps stop or lessen the nausea, so unashamedly I say there is no cutting back on the snacks for me!
  • My mom gained over the recommended 25-35 pounds during her last pregnancy and all went well.

What encouragement do you have for staying calm about gaining weight in pregnancy?

Here’s what I am doing to keep my pregnancy healthy and to prevent rapid weight gain:

  • Exercising! (See my post about Seven Great Reasons to Exercise While Pregnant) Husband and I try to take an evening walk daily, it usually happens at least five days out of the week. Additionally, I have been doing a combination work out about four days per week. I love Pilates, and I also do some weights and cardio. I even jogged a mile this week!
    • Side Note: Imagining what people will be thinking when they see a plump pregnant woman jogging down our neighborhood puts a smile on my face and motivates me to keep jogging as a part of my exercise routine. I imagine: “Whoa, momma! Slow down or you’re gonna pop.” “Holy cow! If she can go for a run, I certainly have no excuse!” “Wow, I didn’t realize our neighbor was pregnant. I wonder when she is due?”
  • Focusing on nutrition. I aim to eat at least five fruits and veggies per day, as well as at least five servings of protein. When I focus on those two things I often pick better food choices and don’t have much room to eat junk food.
  • Eating small meals and snacks throughout the day. As I mentioned, the nausea requires I avoid an empty stomach. As such, smaller meals allows me to continually munch throughout the day without taking in excessively more calories than I need for the baby’s growth.
  • Sleeping well to avoid eating for pick-me-ups. I average nine hours of sleep per night.
  • Drinking plenty of water to avoid eating when my body is actually craving more hydration. Eating plenty of water-filled foods, like fruits and veggies, can help prevent this as well.



  • Fatigue: exercising 4x a week anyway
  • Nausea: more often and usually at night
  • Mood Swings: sometimes
  • Constipation: Ufdah! Taking extra MSM and Magnesium Citrate helps me with this
  • Sore Gums: When this happens, I brush my teeth more times per day and it goes away after a few days
  • Dreams: I am remembering them almost every morning
  • Cravings: Protein snacks like nuts, eggs with lots of cheese, or a large glass of chocolate milk (I actually mix in Carob powder and honey instead). Also, Cheese has been tasting really good lately!
  • Size Changes: I’m up 8 pounds since pre-pregnancy. I added half an inch to my hips since measuring last at 5 weeks pregnant


We had guests this week and that was harder than normal for me for some reason. It was also a very scattered time. Our guests were sleeping and eating at strange times and we hardly saw them. After they left, I couldn’t help but wonder how we’ll have guests when there is a baby. Hosting is something Husband and I love to do, but in addition to the guest room being turned into the baby room, I am not sure how guests in the house while attempting to get baby on a normal schedule will work. We’ll see!

This week was the week we told family!  I shipped my parents coffee mugs that said, “my superpower is being a grandma/pa, what’s yours?” They appreciated hearing the good news (Grandpa mug here, Grandma mug here). I was able to tell my sister after a day of shopping together. Then, Husband and I happened to already have a lunch scheduled with my grandma and aunt that live near us, so that worked well for telling them! Lastly, we had a celebration dinner with Husband’s mom, dad, and two siblings. We disguised it as a celebration for my last day at my latest job, we actually did have a lot to celebrate as a family! Not only my job change, but Husband’s brother was quitting a job we were all praying he could get out of, the parents had a recent anniversary, and my father-in-law’s small business recently hired its first full-time employee. After mentioning all we had to celebrate, we sprung the news on them and they were ecstatic!
Have you ever been surprised by emotions that came up around gaining weight for pregnancy? What helped you cope? 

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