Pregnancy in Weeks

Pregnancy Week Eight and I Quit

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No more anxiety and no more sleeplessness. This week I quit my job! You’re really only getting half the story here, but all the same it’s my story. I realized while taking weekly notes on my pregnancy what a toll my current job was taking on my mental, emotional, and physical health. I saw that I wasn’t coping and I needed to make a change.


I can’t say enough here about the value of having a good support system. Many prayers and conversations went into my decision to quit. I don’t recommend quitting for the sake of quitting. I know people who love making changes, they just need it to keep their life fresh and interesting. Several of my friends are that way and I love them to pieces, however, I am not one of those people. I despise change. When I realized I needed to end things at my job, I got really scared. That’s when I felt God showing me that He wanted to take me out of my comfort zone. He wanted me to take the leap, and trust in Him. Where will this path lead me? I actually have no idea and right now, that is exciting for me.


Fatigue (sleep 8-10hrs and only productive before lunch)
Nausea: more often and usually at night
Food aversion: grilled kabobs (can’t stand them after eating them one night, why does that happen?)
Sore on top (things are less painful in this area now)
Cravings: none lately


Since quitting my job my anxiety and sleeplessness has stopped, even though I still have two weeks left!  I’m going to be doing odd jobs and resting more for a few months, then I’ll look into taking a part-time position somewhere. I am amazed by how much I am sleeping every night. Even with all the sleep, though, I can’t seem to be productive past lunch. Lately, I wake up get two or three things done, eat lunch and then crash. I tried resting before lunch and being productive after lunch, but it didn’t work. Morning is my productivity time right now.


The other problem I’m experiencing is more nausea. Mostly at night, sometimes around dinner, but always at bed time. I always pop a few Peppermint Tums before bed.  I usually feel better in the morning, but I have woken up in the night still feeling sick. I haven’t thrown up yet and nausea doesn’t really stop me from doing anything other than slow me down. It sure is annoying though. Oh and I should probably tell you that I basically ate a whole watermelon by myself. In three days. In my defense it was really sweet and really juicy! I don’t think it’s a pregnancy symptom, but Husband would beg to differ.

Did you experience any major life changes in your pregnancy? How did you deal with them?


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